Own It Now, Pay Later

Own it now for $0 upfront and up to 12 months interest-free

The smarter way for you to pay for what you want today.

Nothing To Pay Today

We pay the store, you get the goods.

Interest Free

Easy interest free payments. No hidden fees.

Flexible Repayments

Pay us back how you like - weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Reusable Account

A reusable account with a limit that suits your needs.

Zip FAQs

All you need is:

  • A valid email address and phone number.
  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Be an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident.
  • Have a good credit history.

How to use Zip:

  • Choose the account that is right for you.
  • Sign up and get a decision in minutes.
  • Log in to your account to set up your repayment schedule to suit your lifestyle.
  • Reuse your account anywhere you see the Zip logo.

Fees & Interest:

  • Zip Pay purchases are interest free always.
  • Zip Money is interest free if you pay off your purchases within the interest free period.
  • Standard interest rate of 19.90% applies after the interest free period.
  • The $6 monthly account fee is waived if you pay your balance by the due date.


  • Choose from weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments to suit your lifestyle.
  • Repayments start $40 a month and are based on your account's credit limit.

Returns & Refunds:

  • If your item meets DNA Cabinets returns and refunds polocy, the purchase amount will be credited back to your Zip account.

Returns & Refunds:

  • Read more about what you need to apply for Zip Pay & Zip Money
  • Read more here about repayments, interest and fees for Zip Pay and Zip Money
  • Click Here

Up to $1000

  • Account Limit: Up to $1000
  • Interest Free Period: Always
  • Establishment Fee: $0
  • Minimum Repayments: $40/month
  • Monthly Fees: $6/month (waived if you have no balance)

Over $1000

  • Account Limit: $1,000 - $30,000
  • Interest Free Period: Up to 12 months* interest free
  • Establishment Fee: $0- $99 (one off fee added to your balance)
  • Minimum Repayments: $40/month or 3% (whichever is greater)
  • Monthly Fees: $6/month (waived if you have no balance)