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The first step in our process is to arrange a suitable time for Andy to come out and give you an obligation free quote for your renovation/build.

At this time the space is measured, your new cabinetry needs are discussed and we will offer you a tailored design to suit your family’s lifestyle.

Then we will send you a quote, if any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

Quotes can take from 2 days to a week.

Once you receive your quote, we will send one follow up after a couple of weeks. We are not into chasing up or hounding clients.




Once quote is accepted, it will be turned into a deposit invoice.

Once paid, your work will be booked in, with a few dates to work around you and we will start production. 

All plans and specifications are agreed upon, Check measure invoice will be sent. It then  goes through to have the cutting lists created and the materials are ordered.

The entire job is manufactured within our factory by our cabinet makers who pay attention to every detail. The cabinetry is put together and reviewed.

You will be issued with a Progress payment Invoice, photos will be offered - or come on in and check it out.

It is then loaded into the truck for delivery.

Delivery is in the mornings, time will be arranged during deposit stage.

Once completely happy, the final invoice of payment will be sent.

We aim to please, each step will be discussed. It is also on every quote.



We will contact you with a few dates that we can install, then working in with you and other trades you will have your Cabinetry before you know it.

You will be informed all the way. A few days before, we will ring/text/email to confirm.

You can clear out your pantries and have the old kitchen removed (or we can do it for you). Also organised to have any preparation done to the utilities in the area, for example, plumbing and electrical, and so forth. (Or again, we can do this for you too.)

If polishing the floor boards, please do so before our installation - guys bring blankets